About Us

Who We Are 

The Comm Collection is the CUS Sales and Merchandise service under the marketing portfolio, which has been designing and selling CUS merchandise since 2021. We provide affordable, socially responsible, and stylish merch for the entire student body here at UBC Sauder! Our goals are to make our merchandise be seen as a symbol of pride, make students feel proud being in the Sauder school, and encourage togetherness and team spirit within the community. 

🎉Meet Our Team🎉


Aarya Tulasi

  • Favourite Song: Dress by Taylor Swift
  • Favourite Style: 70s & Minimalist





Adithya Manoj

  • Favourite Song: United in Grief by Kendrick Lamar
  • Favourite Style: Old Money Aesthetic






Logistic Coordinator 🚚

Seerat Punihani

    • Favourite Song: Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift
    • Favourite Style: Minimalist Glam




 Marketing Coordinator 🎯

Jessica Pang

      • Favourite Song: Iris by Chris Lanzon
      • Favourite Style: Street







Ashvika Ahuja

      • Favourite Song:  Delicate by Taylor Swift
      • Favourite Style:   Minimalistic/Trendy







Graphic Designers🎨  

Alison Hardy

      • Favourite Song: The Wolf - SIAMES
      • Favourite Style:  Chic






Atharv Baiskar

      • Diva by Don Toliver
      • 90s minimalistic casuals





 IT Coordinator💻

Luna Wang

  • Favourite Song: Pretender by Official Hige Dandism
  • Favourite Style: Minimalist